NVIDIA GeForce Now broadcast game on Android smartphones

NVIDIA GeForce Now broadcast game on Android smartphones
Ge Download the GeForce Now app:

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NVIDIA's answer has come to STADIA. NVIDIA has just released a new beta version of the GEFORCE live broadcast service.
The power of GeForce now comes to your Android smartphone.
So you can now run your entire gaming library wherever you go …..


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    AS usual good review Chigz Tech ?? Could I ask you. What do you think of the Nvidia Sield tv tube 2019, do you think it is worth getting??

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    Their is one problem the firestick 2gen their no playstore and i cant seem to find working apk for firestick. Mebe you can help me with this?

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    Please review Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta)
    its 5 usd mouth and you don't have to install any games and I believe its much better experience than GeForce now. They bring new games every month and much better deal I think can you review that also please.

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    Great videos! I already have Geforce Now but not a single game. What’s the easiest and cheapest way to get started? Which controllers are compatible without mapping? I would like to challenge you to create a video! ???

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    Here's my question… Steam already does all this and better because you can even go to your desktop and control your computer… And play all of your steam games… Not certain what this adds?

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    What about the lag time and online play, i play alot of fighting games like tekken 7 where every milliseconds matter?

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    ????? Nvidia..oh chigz when are we getting the head to head video between Google stadia and Nvidia GeForce..
    The in-depth video for ge force should be interesting..

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