OBDLinks MX Bluetooth and FORScan review and setup

OBDLink MX with bluetooth is set up on my Android phone using FORScan Lite android software obtained from google play store. The program was about $ 4.99. I set it up, so I showed how to install and use OBDLink MX and establish a connection to Android phone. Bluetooth connectivity and pairing are evident. PIDS and DTC's are discussed together with MScan and HScan Core …


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    Will this be able to check ABS error codes? I have a 2007 Ford expy which has the ABS light on. Would like to diagnose what's wrong.

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    Good day.

    Thank you for your very informative video of the OBD2 MX Bluetooth
    I have just bought the OBD2 MX wifi from eBay & should arrive in 2 weeks time

    My questions are, if you have the time to reply is most appreciated.

    Is the OBD2 MX wifi (red color) the same?
    Why does it display two Long term fuel trims & two short term fuel trims?
    Is it, high & low values?

    I intent to use it on my Merc SLK R171.

    Thank you & have a nice day.

    ps: please pay no attention to those who say not nice thing, LOL.

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    Good day sir, I am from an asian country and would like to ask if the OBDLink MX can be used on Toyota or Mistubishi cars? People here say that it must be M-OBD. I'm just new in this kind of stuff on running diagnostic. Thanks for your time, and hoping for a response soon. Cheers!

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    Very informative and pretty well presented, I learned quite a bit. I have a 9 year old European Ford Focus so this will be handy when things start to go bad.. Good idea to log some data when all is good so you have a baseline for the bad times. One thing, there's an Obdlink MX WiFi that works over WiFi and therefore Android and iOS devices are compatible. I just scored one for $14 shipped 🙂 on eBay, wrongly priced I guess. Keep up the excellent info and videos coming, cheers!

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