One UI 2 – Samsung 10 Android features TOP update

Welcome to the home of the best guides for Samsung Galaxy needs. In today's video, we will check the most important features that come with the One UI 2.0 w / Android 10 update.

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    thanks for the video! learned alottt.. for the dial app I have ATT and don't have the places option at the bottom. oh well I'll prob still use google anyway lol

  2. GR1


    Only useful thing really is the gestures imo. And whats with the Dynamic lock screen? Cant use on pics? Stupid.

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    Great video, thought I knew most of the changes but saw some new things. Forgot to add that getting to the Google Assistant is done by swiping from the bottom right hand corner of the screen (instead of holding the home button)

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    did you know that if you double-tap and hold on the Android 10 easter egg screen they'll start to spin 🙂

    If you wanna see it got to Settings > About Phone > Software Information > tap really fast for a Lil bit on the 'ANDROID VERSION' then a new screen will pop up and it shows Android 10. you can move the android logo around and the 10 but if you double-tap and hold it'll start spinning around and yes you can move it around while it's spinning!

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