OnePlus 5T | Fingerprint sensor repair on Android P Beta [ DP3 / DP4 ]

TECHRAPT | Below is a guide on how to fix Fingerprint Sensor on OnePlus 5T running Android P Beta | Developer Preview 3 / Developer Preview 4 via GSI

Android P Dev.Preview 3 on OnePlus 5T | Installation + review!

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    Hello Friend. Could you help me with my S9?

    There is some conflict with the digital sensor. Whenever I set to use. The cell phone reboots itself.

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    Didn't work for me dude. Was on Dp4 on my mido Redmi Note 4 and the fp resetted after every reboot. Now on Dp5 pixel imprint doesn't recognises fp at all. Though we already get the pixel imprint option in settings without changing the file name and stuff.

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    Awesome video! I installed the DP3 on my OnePlus 5 (and yes, the fingerprint on the front is annoying), however, this did not enable the pixel imprint option. This video is not about the OnePlus 5, I know, but I'd just like to mention that.

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