OpenPHT Plex Media Server Installation Guide – Amlogic S805, S905, S905W, S905X, S912

OpenPHT is a custom operating system based on Libre-ELEC. Open-PHT is an operating system dedicated to operating Plex Media Center. This system lets you run Plex at its best and offers a number of bug fixes associated with your Plex app.

This is a long video clip, it covers the complete installation guide for OpenPHT Run from SD Card and Installing to Amlogic Internal Memory ….


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    Is there a way to do some sort of dual booting situation, so that I can use it for Openpht and easily switch back to a full android interface (for Netflix, youtube, etc)? I love Openpht and use it on a Raspberry Pi and recently an Odroid C2 to eliminate transcoding, but the Odroid has a bug where TV shows start 10 seconds late and I always have to rewind…so I am considering getting an S905x box of some sort. But I was curious if it's possible to use Openpht (and not Plex Media Player) AND be able to somehow use the android apps as well. like a choice at bootup maybe?

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