OPPO Reno / Renault 10x Zoom ColorOS 7 Review (Android 10)

OPPO channel please exit:

Android 10 is the latest version of the world's most popular operating system, and OEM manufacturers are working hard to distribute it to their device portfolio. OPPO recently announced that its custom UX, ColorOS, will also jump to Android 10 with ColorOS 7. After unveiling it in ….


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    First: i dont know why oppo is hyping about Cos7 its still in beta.
    Secend: its very limited to 5k users certain region mainly china and india)…
    Third: oppo has the worst support regarding to flagship. Im using reno10xzoom and still didnt get an update….. Look at the xda where people are complaining about all of it and more… This company is a joke at all. Back to xiaomi where i can unlock, root, install cistom roms etc etc and where the cheapest device has android 10!!

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