Oxygen OS 10.3.0 Stable Ota OS Brings Pure Offer and One-Year Warranty for Oneplus 6 & 6T

Official stable start of OS 10.3.0 oxygen system for Oneplus 6 and 6T.
# Oneplus6 # Oneplus6T # OxygenOS10.3

Change log:
the system

Upgraded to Android 10
Brand new for Android 10
Automatic restart issue has been fixed
The option to display the notch region is added in the settings (Settings – Width – Notch Width – Hide The Notch Area)
Fixed an issue with the lock screen appearing even after unlocking ….


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    Anyone have problem at Screen Recorder after update Android10 OOS 10.3.0 on OnePlus 6? Set fps at 60fps but it still like 30/40fps .. i have that problem ?

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    I did not get any update to android 10 yet on my oneplus 6t so if i update thorough oneplus updater app will it affect my device or is it safe

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    This ain't the hide notch setting i want. This setting is useless, it makes the screen looks same with huge forehead. If only they could provide us with the old notch hide option…

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    is the dark gap below the keyboard gone (after the 10 update, the keyboard is slightly lifted up by a centimeter, so there is a vacant gap) it is ok if we use the new gesture navigation, since it is needed to accommodate the nav bar, but while useing the old oneplus navigation gesture, the black space is still present, even though it not needed and in android 9 also we didn't have that gap
    … i am currently on open beta 3 on my OP6

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    The first android 10 update was very buggy. My 6t would start stuttering, drop frames left right and centre and then hang and eventually restart.

    The second update did fix the hang and restart, but the frame drops and stuttering were still there. The device would eventually recover after few seconds.

    Finally after this update i haven't yet seen any frame drops and stuttering. Hope this update actually fixes this.

    And battery life is definitely bad here. I do not game. I was getting 2 days with 7 hr screen time earlier. With Android 10 it's reduced to a single day with around 4.5-5 hours.

    So people who didn't receive earlier updates are actually blessed. Now that I have faced these issue, I doubt OnePlus would be maker of my next phone. I just need a working phone. No need to rush buggy updates in a stable OS release channel.

    1 year free extended warranty is good though. 😀

    Update: Just had my first hang. Device was in the hang state for like 15 sec and not responding to touch. Got fixed only after i used power button to put the screen off. Worked fine afterwards. Not very hopefull now with this update as well.
    2nd Update: No freeze, no frame drop after the first occurence. Hope that was the end of it. Battery life is still bad though.

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