Part 1 – Connecting the HP HyppTV Huawei EC6108v8 receiver to the Play Store

A brief, informative guide on how to install applications on the HP HyppTV IPTV Android Decoder. This section explains how you can connect HyppTV STB to the Google Play Store to install apps.

Series :-
Part 1 – Connect a TM HyppTV receiver to Play Store

Part 2 – How to install Kodi (XBMC) or any applications on HyppTVTM ….


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    why mine is not connected to play store ? its not show any of this even my system is already connect wifi ??? pls help thanks

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    Hari ni baru pasang hypp tv.. Model EC6108v8.. Masa installer setup ada playstore.. Lepas saya off then on balik playstore dah tak ada. Anyone boleh tolong?

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    I still had as issue with NTP, finally it helped to change NTP server address to (google NTP server) and voila, Google Play works! 🙂

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    Hi, is there any update solution for this same model TV box? I am unable to log in google store as per video. It return the error "android device may not be provisioned for data services."

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    Didn't work for me until i changed DNS settings on the box to get to play store… i.e. change under settings, WLAN etc from DCHP to Static and add in google DNS 1 – and DNS2 –

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