Part 3: Complete Beginners & # 39; Go to the Nexus 7 Android Tablet

Welcome to the complete Beginner's Guide to using your Nexus 7 Android tablet, part 3

This video looks at the first actions you'll face when you turn on your Nexus 7.

1. Open your tablet
2. Change your Lockscreen security
3. Use your first application
4. Joint touch gestures
5. Return to the main screen

Each video aims to cover five key points in five minutes. simple,…


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    Soz' mate, I accidentally pressed the dislike button instead of the 'like' button. When watching on the Nexus 7, the 'Like' button isn't displayed as thumbs but as bars, which aren't very touch sensitive.
    Good sound, clear diction and very informative.
    I have subscribed & will be following your film career with keen interest.

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    I have a question that nobody seems able to answer. What is the correct resolution for a Nexus 7 wallpaper without cropping? All the images I choose as wallpapers are being cropped by my Nexus 7, and the result is not nice. That does not happen only if I set wallpapers through downloaded apps, but I can't figure out what resolution they're using.
    Thanks 🙂

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    Another very cool video. Thanks. Only thing, I don't think it's necessary to pin settings to home screen since it is readily available at the right top drop down menu. Thumbs up for all your useful tutorials that have helped me a lot with my N7 so far 🙂

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