Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX – Miracast Wireless Screen Mirror, Wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto

The new Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX is filled with new features such as wireless screen mirroring, Wireless Apple Carplay and Wireless Android Auto …

Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX

Beuler BU-HDMIV mirroring

Axxess ASWC-1 Universal Steering …


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    Do you know if any update have happend to the 8400nex for wireless auto.. if other phone can do it besides just the Google phones

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    I just installed my pioneer avh w4400nex and I can mirror my samsung phone wirelessly and control my phone from the pioneer avh w4400nex. I don't need to control from my phone. It is indeed a full mirror link. Can be controlled from phone and stereo.

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    Is the VSS wire and or GPS antenna required for wireless carplay to work correctly? I had the 4200 with the bypass on the harness and want to make sure everything will work smoothly with the same harness?

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    Is there a reason the HDMI option would not be selectable on the radio? I ran the hdmi to the iPhone splitter and the hdmi option is grayed out. Have tried multiple hdmi cords. What is the procedure to be selectable?

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    do you have to press ok on the screen everytime it boot up? and when it boots up after it pairs does carplay automatically come up? basically I just want to turn my car on and have carplay waiting for me after some time passes. I was real close to ordering this today but pressing OK every fucking time is stupid its not like im going to read it every time the car starts

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    You said I cannot use my Bluetooth source once I activate the wireless AA & ACP but have you tried tapping the 2 phone with Bluetooth symbol in the bottom right to connect to a different phone?

    I'm just curious because I have the 2300NEX and when I plug AA via USB the Bluetooth source is disabled as well but I tap the phone switching symbol and connect to my Friend's phone and listen to his music while Google Maps on AA is still working. However it did not work with ACP .

    Also I noticed on ACP I cannot adjust any of the sound setting unless I switch to a different source.

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