Preparing the Android home screen for week 7

Please make sure that you have kwgt pro before installing the widget.
To install, download the kwgt file via the link below, and move the file from the Downloads folder to the User Interface Item folder located in the Kustom folder. Now go to your home screen, add and click on kwgt 4 by 2. You will find the widget on the exported tab.

KWGT File:
Launcher: …


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    Yes i love several-in-one widgets??i'm currently using those from the Glacial Pro kwgt pack, they're fun!! I'm trying to stick to one setup more than a week?
    Btw, i've never noticed how good looking was that miui icon pack!

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    i like your videos but clearly the icon pack does not in any way match the rest of the home screen. Also why do you not ever use the most popilar launcher on android"nova prime" yes it is a paid one but it costs very little, Also about free icon packs, half the time ther eis quite a few missing, you should really use a paid set, the reason is most of the time the original author will make most if not all of the missing icons for apps you have.

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    Hey man..I cant here correctly name in video what is name of that kwgt pack and the specific number/name.Plz reply mee

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