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    Probably the most comprehensive preview I've seen. Thanks Blunty!

    PS: Did you make a mention of whether the ps4 was connected to the router wireless or via Ethernet? 

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    pre-order made  yesterday ( z3 tablet compact ), expected to ship nov 2nd. looking forward to a lot of remote play  

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    I was already interested in the z3 compact.
    It's probably the best compact phone on the market. This "gadget/gimmick" sealed the deal.
    I am off for the store and going to get one

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    There's one drawback, I can only play one game on Xperia products via remote play if I'm very far away from my PS4 (unless the games are digital).

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    Will probably get the z3 compact tablet, for the larger screen. Got a Vita atm but lack of buttons pulls me off. Will read up first on what resolution is streamed to new devices, since they got a better screen in some cases.

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    Good lad Bluntly, frame rate issues were my only gripe about this feature since viewing this video I've ordered myself the tablet. Hahaha Fifa in bed my life is over lol

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    That was pretty impressive.  I love remote play on my Vita and now this.  I don't have a Xperia phone but I might look into one when I upgrade next.  Would be interesting to see if Sony sell the Dualshock 4 clips separately too as that'll be a good way to play on the Vita with the Dualshock 4 too (which is possible via a convoluted method) for those who don't like the Vita controls.

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    Now with the Wi-fi noise there was very little lag. This could mean that there would be virtually no lag while you're in the comfort of your own home. 

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    Just got a new Z3 today and I would highly recommend one! Very snappy, great feel and looks, full manual camera blah blah blah. Not much more you could want except a feature to play PS4 games on it…. 

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    I hope they will rip the apk of remote play or at least make a mod so other cellphones/older Xperia's can also enjoy remote play feature 😀 
    btw did they tell if it works with PS3 as well? or just with ps4?

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    well well well. sony finally did something intelligent. now i not only want a sp4, but an xperia tablet to play destiny on the go. if only they would have figured this out before they were in massive crippling debt. . 

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    What about the overheat problem?does it happen when using remote play?

    My old z1 used to overheat like exploding sun just by playing asphalt 8 for few minutes -_-

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    Blunty, were you able to check the remote play on PS Vita as well? Compared to Xperia remote play, is it better or worse or pretty much the same? of course taking account the buttons issue. I own a Ps Vita and will soon buy a PS4, I was hoping that would work as good as I saw in this video.

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