PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map | More than 25 minutes of play, no VO

The PUBG Mobile Vikendi map for Android and iOS is finally here. Vikendi was initially troubled at E3 2018 and was followed by numerous leaks across PCs and PS4 versions of the game. Tencent has finally revealed what the Vikendi map for PUBG Mobile expects by updating 0.10.0. Now everyone can finally run the latest map in PUBG Mobile. The map size of PUBG Mobile Vikendi is 6×6 km. It…


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    Bad decision guys !!!
    I would have preferred if you have uploaded a video of 8-10mins explaining how this map is different and some tips for it.

    When it comes to Pubg,
    Do you really think someone would prefer your gameplay over Shroud's ???

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    I can help you with some pubg gameplays if you want. I have a pro squad / team players. See it for yourself at @bhadvengers6.9 on Instagram. 🙂

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    On Which device are u playing.. can u guys please suggest me a good app for recording videos where internal audio recording is possible??

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