pUpdated – How to turn off the Facebook App Android 2020 auto-update

Updated – how to turn off automatic update to Facebook App Android 2020

This video will show you how to turn off the auto update feature in Facebook app for Android. This video is an update to my original video as things have changed and changing settings has become a little difficult. This LG G6 Android is powered by Android 8.0 Oreo. You will need to turn off the automatic updating feature in ….


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    Thanks god, I escaped from this bullshit app that keeps auto updating even tho I don't use it anymore and I was uninstalling the updates but still -.-

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    I tried, however the trick didn't work out. They must have closed the loophole in the meantime, does anyone's know how to do it at the time I am writing? Thanks

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    removed the manager, when into settings, backed out and in no change, no setting there, so tried several times, no go.
    the bastards are hiding it. I hate facebook SO much. but my parents use it… grrr

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    Omg! I've been trying to find it then I searched for a solution and found your video. This auto-update is irritating me and eating up space on my storage. Thank you so much! ❣

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    Thank you very much. It worked for me. First, in the media and contacts I can't see "app updates" but when I back out and return, BAM! it's there! Thanks for your help.

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    Doesnt work for me bro need help please this auto update is very irritatin it keeps on consuming my mobile data ??????????????

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    Hi Northern Viking. Thanks for the video. I took your advice because the Autoupdate button was not appearing after following your steps. I went back out and then back in again. Still no Autoupdate button. I repeated several times, even turned off my phone and rebooted. Still no Autoupdate button appears. I have no Facebook Manager app on my phone either. Any more suggestions?

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    my facebook app updates are off but I STILL see "facebook features updating" automatically every few weeks (I probably miss the update notifications sometimes) . GooglePlay Auto updates are off too

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    Thank you so much. You help alot on me! Everytime i am connected on my wifi it is really annoying that auto update are always having his time. Now i know how thank you.

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    ARGH! My phone updated Facebook overnight but I didn't tell it to. I've got all automatic updates off (in the app and in Google Play) but it's still done it! I don't see any app update settings anymore so I don't know if they moved it or removed it completely…but I'm really annoyed!

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