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Last week, the TV program producer at the XDA software developer interviewed Kush Patel, co-founder of the Application Academy, and Don Bora, co-founder of mobile makers to talk about intensive learning methods known as hacker schools. There were a few questions about what and where you could find such schools.

In this episode, Jays names a few schools and talks about what she covers. Programming languages ​​of Ruby …


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    Sorry I missed this Martin. You are the epicenter of it all. You have DevBootCamp, Hack Reactor, AppAcademy, all in SF Bay Area. They are all web based atm.

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    It is unfortunate that you insist on a University vs. Hacker School debate, because it hijacks the discussion from going deeper. It was not suggested that one is better than the other. The point is there are other options for whom a 4 year degree is not practical. I am confident in standing behind what this series shares as I have interviewed Devs from Google & Facebook, Tumbler, etc. See my channel for proof of it. Some jobs demand a CS degree, some do not. You are over-stating your point.

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    p.s go to college, hacker school does not get you anywhere besides a contract with a company that will tie you down for 2 years. have fun peeing in a cup every week, that's something i heard they do now.

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    It depends on the company and your experience. Also, a degree from a ivy league school helps most of the time. If you land a job with google, microsoft, apple or bell labs you'll usually have better hours. Two of my friends went and graduated from Princeton; they now work at a start up company. The pay is really good, but they work 90+ hours.

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    AAAAAnd for the icing on the cake, I have allot of friend that have gone to Hacker school. they sighn a contract and the company pays for there education. problem? they have to stay with that company for 2+ years working crazy hours. if they fail to meet the jobs expectations they get fired with a shit ton of money they must pay back. i really hate to bash IT/hacker-school's but everything i am telling you is 100% fact. the grass is not greener.

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    Again i will enforce this

    IT/hackerschool = code drone working crazy hours in a cubical with (most likely) peaple you do not like.

    CS/college= not putting up with crazy hours, doing very interesting types of jobs (coding not your thing? computer scientists has a 30+ job career). for awesome pay 60-120k a year that, i can promise you. also your exp can legit transfer to a new company and increase your pay.

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    your proof is shady. I will leave it at that. like i said and i promise people, 4-6 months of hacker school will not get you 40k+ a year. I promise. Now lets just say you invest a huge amount of years into the company, i can see a good 40k, but what happens if you dont like the job or you get laid off? go to college people.

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    Read Payscale. Watch the videos on my channel. Jr. Devs in major tech centres who can show a portfolio of work are earning this. It's a reality.

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