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    Well ROOT doesn't work for me. I don't know if there was an update on the tablet, but the one I just got (Fire 7 2019) on Black Friday sale does not give me access. I also tried different versions of "mtk-su" without luck. Any thoughts?
    C:adb>adb push files/arm/mtk-su /data/local/tmp/

    files/arm/mtk-su: 1 file pushed. 5.2 MB/s (34296 bytes in 0.006s)

    C:adb>adb shell

    mustang:/ $ cd /data/local/tmp

    mustang:/data/local/tmp $ chmod 755 mtk-su

    mustang:/data/local/tmp $ ./mtk-su

    Failed critical init step 4: Bad address

    setns failed:: Permission denied

    New UID/GID: 2000/2000

    mustang:/data/local/tmp $


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    Thanks for the video. This worked for me a few months ago when I first did this. My Kindle Fire 10 HD (2017) launched without Nova this morning I tried to repeat this process and now I am getting hung up trying to gain root. When I try to write mtk-su from the temp folder I get "Set ns faild: permission denied <br> new UID/GID 2000/2000"
    * Refer to 5:13 (ish) in your video
    Any ideas?

    Thanks again for the video.

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    I have a question. I did connect the Fire to a Windows PC and I do have developer privileges activated in the Fire. Now I launch a CMD screen in Windows…but what do I do next? I see the folders in your GitLab, but I don't know how to get to where you are in the video. Thanks!

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    for installing custom recovery i get : Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "main.py", line 161, in <module>
    File "main.py", line 82, in main
    load_payload(dev, "../brom-payload/build/payload.bin")
    File "/home/bear/amazon-fire-7-2019-notes-and-files/files/amonet-mustang/modules/load_payload.py", line 99, in load_payload
    dev.write32(0x10007008, 0x1971) # low-level watchdog kick
    File "/home/bear/amazon-fire-7-2019-notes-and-files/files/amonet-mustang/modules/common.py", line 147, in write32
    self.check(self.dev.read(2), b'x00x01') # arg check
    File "/home/bear/amazon-fire-7-2019-notes-and-files/files/amonet-mustang/modules/common.py", line 84, in check
    raise RuntimeError("ERROR: Serial protocol mismatch")
    RuntimeError: ERROR: Serial protocol mismatch

    do i have to open the device and short some pin for custom recovery install?

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    A better idea would be to save up a few hundred dollars more and get yourself a real tablet. Amazon products are trash. The owner of amazon didnt become rich by giving you what you paid or even a quality product.

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    awesome! I hope the notes will walk a relative noob (me) with only light terminal experience in Linux through it OK. I'm already unfamiliar with "mustang" so I hope I'm not already screwed, but a little digging I guess…
    Cool video idea!!! : Get together with a layman fire tablet consumer like me and walk through the process of rooting and custom recovery/rom loveliness and upload that video. Guranteed to be understood by many more white-belt users like me.

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