Rockchip RK3328 Android TV OS: tutorial installation guide for Poison ATV

Posion ATV RK3328 Firmware is still in development early and you should proceed with caution, but it is working fine so far.

All the credit goes to the Poison firmware team

Poison Firmware RK3328 –

Rockchip Batch Payment Tool and Tool …


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    Me ayudaste mucho. Muchísimas gracias!!! Podrías añadirle en futuras entregas soporte para bluetooth? No me lo detecta, y el tvbox en otro firmware si funciona. Y si podrias también agregarle root al firmware. Again. Very thank youssss!! ?

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    Good afternoon … thanks for the videos and tips … but I can not upgrade the new firmware … I think I would have to give a short on the board …. you know how I do it …. what is the correct place to make that short on the plate ???

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    I was trying to install the s905x version and couldn't get the image to extract from rar. I tried win rar, 7z, rar and none would work even downloaded more than once

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    Noice, Rockchip looks nice but the performance-price ratio is messed up. I was going to buy one but then the newest model is really expensive and the lower models are not really good for playing games?

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    hey . when i'm gona install atvxperience or poison tv does my android tv box mecool m8s pro w runs better and faster?

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