Safe and strong! New hegemony dead dick! Clash Royale

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The new mortar surface dominates! | SirTagCR – Clash Royale
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This clash royale is the best mortar surface in clash royale dominates! This clash of mortar royal …


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    opponent gives good game. Tag- "Why can't there be more people like this in clash royale?" Me- Says the guy who constantly says "Peace out girl scout." after he wins.

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    I just went against you in gc and u beat me with rage elite babarians and im about to quit this game?

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    5:58 I'm trying to learn from your plays, but what do you by dropping the miner in a position where he cant activate the king tower? Is that a safe spot? I thought the only safe spot to drop a miner is the bottom right (your view)

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    How does this deck fare against Sparky? Sparky is that one card that no matter how you can counter it you just make that one slip-up and… ya done

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    I’d love to be at your level man, I mean a little bit higher in ladder because I’m always facing like lvl13 guys with maxed decks when I have lvl 10,11 cards. I love your vids, watching you playing against some good players with real decks, I’d love to get that “understanding” you have of the different matchups, how to play any deck and outplay any opponent.

    Support from France??

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