Samsung DEX is awesome! – Games, emulation, action and Linux on Dex

I have been using Samsung Dex a lot recently and totally love it for media consumption, games and emulation.
Dex converts your Samsung Android or Android tablet smartphone into an Android computer.
In this video, I test DEX on Samsung Galaxy S10 and do some benchmarks to test some games like Fortnite, Minecraft and PUBG. I also tested some emulation on Dex using Redream for …


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    Isn't Samsung note8 compatible?
    Liked and subscribed. Nice video, very complete. PS i noticed that you have ark survival evolved installed bit you haven't show it in the video..if you can show how it works would be cool

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    Can DeX run on AndroidTV devices? I am intrested in a having a permanent dedicated android system to TV setup, and I like how clean the DEX interface looks

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    Can Ubuntu on Dex run Audacity, and can the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e take an external microphone such as the Zoom H1n via the USB C port with a dongle to have standard USB ports?

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    There are a lot of videos out there about Samsung Dex but this, this video is the only video (so far) that I've watched that really sold Dex to me. Good job on showcasing this!

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    USB C is truly turning out to be the end all connector

    Need to display images? Audio? Charging? Data? Frickin GPU connectivity? USB C baby

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    Samsung gave up on Linux on galaxy. Hope it doesn't do the same for Dex. Dex is why I buy galaxy phones

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    I've connected my PS4 controller to my GS9+ to play fortnite but there is a about 1 second delay. Do you know how to fix this? I've tried connecting it via USB (Works great) but it charges the controller therefore draining my battery

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    IHow much does the phone heat up after you play some games? Specially the emulators because I'm really into it.
    I wonder how's the performance of these top mobiles phones afters some years of using it.

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    Question, you said the Snapdragon 855 handles Dolphin well, how well does the 845 handle it? I'm thinking about getting a new phone and I'm looking at the Razer Phone 2 because of its price. I don't expect it to run perfectly but I just wasn't sure how well it would run multiplatform games on Dolphin or even less demanding games. I see games like Wind Waker and Animal Crossing run well on the 845. I didn't know if the Razer Phone 2 would be a good phone for emulation and an every day phone.

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    I really just wanna figure out how I can run RealWorld Cursor Editor on a tablet or phone. Or if there are ACTUALLY any good app equivelants out there.

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    So with windows 365 subscription you technically can carry all you documents with you and email from the home, just adapt to the larger screen. Cool.

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    Nice video, bro! May I installing any program on linux? I wanna buy a tab s6 and using DeX mode, but my I need some program that only runs in a windows or Linux. If you can help me, I appreciate it!

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