Samsung Galaxy Android Pie FAQ 4k recording, high performance mode .. ect

Just a quick video of me answering some common questions about updating Android 9 pie for Samsung Note 9 and Galaxy S9 / S9 +

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  1. J M


    Its not having the ability to record video in pro mode that is what is missing after update to one ui πŸ˜’

  2. Reply

    Hello Tech Guy Charlie. I've been trying to check where can I activate the call recording option in my S9+ but I don't see any πŸ™ Where to find that?

  3. Reply

    Before the performance mode gave you certain options, for example, if you are playing games, you can put it in game mode. If you're watching videos there was an entertainment mode. Those options are now gone on the s9. How do I get it back? Some games are laggy on my s9 now with the new pie update, but back with the last update I can change it to game mode and it would run games smoothly. Like fortnite.

  4. Reply

    I recently updated and when I go into multitasking view it defaults to the second most recent app which is annoying. I saw yours doesn't, did you change something in settings?

  5. Reply

    Is there a way to screen record or did they get rid of it completely? It used to be a part of Game Mode but it's not there anymore.

  6. Reply

    Hi tech guy charlie, my game performance mode is missing after i updated my s9. I really want that mode especially when im playing games.

  7. Reply

    I have a question how do u screen record in the new one ui I tried everything but I don't mean like using an google play app to screen record I can't find how to record when you are on performance mode because on oreo you had a little screen record icon that was on the nav bar

  8. Reply

    Were has the little dot gone of the navigation bar to make it disappear with the latest update I had a update today an it's not in setting to turn it back on its completely gone

  9. S F


    Please everybody, if you can, send mail to Samsung about missing pro mode for Video. This MUST be a bug. Cant imagin this was on purpose. Throwed this Device generations back! Cant believe it.
    Edit: i love the new firmware, but removing such importand features? On a so well advertised camera smartphone?
    Thanks the MF and AE function still there

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