Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks Ep. 89: How to find your lost phone with Android Device Manager

* Note 2 Tips and Tricks Table of Contents:
This is a free service * by Google! I think a few months ago, Google released an update for Google Play services for all devices including Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The big difference for the consumer is that everyone can find their lost phones from the Google Play Store. But the catch is, did you have this …


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    Google play says "no active devices" when I go into the google settings on my computer, even though I have downloaded Android Device Manager on my phone and enabled it in Device Administrators in settings.  Any ideas??? Thanks!

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    Hello , i would like to ask if there is a way to find my Note 2 . I didnt know that there is a such service, is there another way to find it like this ? You know police are slow …

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    if someone steals it,  changes the Sim, resets the phone , before you can track it, will you be able to locate it still with the play website still?

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    i have my wechat account and gmail account logged in always and probably in my country there are only few who really can manage all the tech know how about the phone. so is there any possibily to track down my phone…talking about the tracker deveice i have already downloaded it but didnt use it..(dumb ass)

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    hi friends, i recently lost my samsung galaxy note 2. i have called over my phone from different numbers, at first the phone was ringing and then suddenly the ass who ever found and kept as his/her property made it busy, then finally switched off. how m i suppose to get my phone back.??? please do help me since i got lotsa important contacts. please  

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    One question. How do I paint now? Also the eraser erases segments or whole strokes now, is there any way to paint inside the notes?

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    Unfortunately, there will always be limitations to something like this. It may be much more better suited for situations where you accidentally leave it at a party, friend's house, or at the supermarket where there isn't anyone trying to block you from locating the device by turning off the radios, and taking out the battery.

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    Hi but this trick work only wen mobile network or wifi is on, thn if the theif off the wifi or mobile network thn wats next ???????

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    i have some 3rd party apps in device administrator like lock screen,safe gallery free, smart app protector, floating touch etc what dose this mean

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    Yes. When the phone is locked, you can't access the files through USB in the traditional way. There are still other ways to grab the data from the device if someone is willing to go through the trouble for your data.

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    if you were reffering to that "something better" being Knox, now with the leaked version of android 4.3 for Galaxy Note 2, it has it also.

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    Thanks Mike. Other US carriers launched Note 3. Still waiting an extra week for Verizon to get mine. It takes them an extra week to piss all over their new phones. You know, print their logo all over and take away apps and services that they don't want us to have. Most of us wouldn't put up with their foolishness but we need their coverage where we live/work.

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    It works around with what you have enabled. If you have GPS on, it will grab a fresh location by pinging the GPS when you try to find the device. If it doesn't have that, it'll guess based on cell phone towers. If you have wifi on, it'll use the WIFI mac addresses that your wifi antenna sees as a way find your location. If you have none of those on, it will show you the last know location.

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    You're the best, thanks Mike. Say, which GPS location service needs to be on for this action. Note 2 has 3. Carrier location Service (Mine is VZ), standalone GPS, Google location services. In fact, which ones of these 3 needs to be used for most GPS phone functions. Not having to run all 3 would certainly help battery life. ;o)

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