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    Reasons to love it.
    Wireless charging
    Memory card expansion
    5.1 inch display
    Good camera.
    Headphone jack

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    Bought this phone week ago, and I cannot believe how good this phone is even today. I have one phone that is from 2018, it broke and I didnt have money for something newer so I bought S7. This phone is amazing, it blows me away. Camera is better than any nowadays phone minus flagship teritory.

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    So I have had my S7 for almost 3 years and now have reached MAJOR problems, anyone else?

    It would overheat to the point my hand felt like it was burning (when charging and when not charging). Plus, since 3 weeks ago it keeps restarting for no reason, after about 30seconds each time, then either turns off and is impossible to turn on again, or keeps looping on and off. I did factory reset about 3 times and cleared cache etc followed all the steps to all the online guides out there – no luck.

    Such an amazing phone that came to an unfortunate ending, has this happened to anyone else? I never downloaded any apps other than the common Insta, Twitter etc – took very good care of it and honestly didn't expect any of this. I have a feeling a software update may have done this to it, but until anyone else says it happened to them too I'm totally unsure!

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