Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review in 2019 – An Amazing Android Tablet

Patch The S4 Tab already has a 10.5-inch screen and not a 10.1.
Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 in 2019?
In this video, take a look at the most powerful Android device on the channel!
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is an amazing Android tablet for everyday use to play video games like Android, PubG, Fortnite and even Emulation like GameCube using …


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    My galaxy tab A 10.1 2016 version is still a really great tablet and fast for everything except I can't get dolphin and I can't run ps2 emulation so I need to upgrade. God of war PSP emulation is a no go on my tablet. It runs but its so slow as soon as I start swinging the weapon on the ship lol. That's basically the only game I had a problem with and couldn't get running at all no matter what. This one looks great though.

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    hey, great video. I also have the Halaxy Tab S4. can you tell me which settings you use? every game jerks with me. I would be very happy about an answer. have the latest Doplhin version.

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    I think samsung needs to work on an actual tablet that can compete with the ipad, because at the moment, ipads blow any android tablet out of the water

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    Tablets are the most uselss peace of technology ever created, having smartphones, laptops and desktop PCs…. this is just useless.

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    Great review! Exactly what I needed with the new S6 coming out. Just wondering what the software is like compared to 5e, call continuity, one UI, any difference?

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    I have a Laptop that I’d like to send you and see what you can do with it. It basically brand new & has a AMD E2-7110 with AMD Radeon R2 graphics . Lmk if you have a PO Box I can send it to.

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    Thanks a lot buddy for uploading the video on tab S4 after a long time……the only thing which I am not getting on this tablet is the software which we have on iPad pro…… Is there any way to get the notability on Android tab….

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