Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 Review – Best Android Tablet of 2019?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is an amazing Android tablet, and possibly the best Android Tablet of 2019 so far.
Thanks to the 10.5-inch SUPER AMOLED screen, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Core CPU and 6 GB of RAM, this is pretty cool and the best tablet I've ever had.
In this video, I play some criteria, test video play and play some original Android games like Pubg and Fortnite …


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    Im shook by the internet speed u get…and you said it so casually – "238 down and 25 up". And your home internet is rated at 400 down. … huh….meanwhile….

    Australia still lives in the dark ages. I dont even get 20 down…. And when I EVENTUALLY get NBN I dont expect much better…soo… yeah … rip

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    People who dont know, ita basically a bit less powerful tab s4 without a headphone jack and no s-pen support, simple done

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    In the market for an Android tablet with a focus on portability (work travel), exclusives gaming, and emulation. Came across your channel which focuses much better than others on my price range and use case. So, thanks for the great video(s) – liked, subscribed, followed!

    Question for you please: If I go for the cheaper Samsung Tab A 10.1 2019, that should still be good for emulation up to PS1 era right? Even the 32gb version that only comes with 2gb RAM? I already have a powerful Windows laptop and every handheld known to man, so I donโ€™t need something super expensive. Really only want this to have some fun tinkering with Android since Iโ€™ve been locked into iOS for the last few years.

    Thanks for advice.

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Wi Fi SM-T720 64GB Silver UK Version

    Lightweight design to keep you comfortably connected to what you enjoy most. At 5.5mm thin and weighing around 400g, Galaxy Tab S5e is light enough to comfortably stay with you
    Design that matches your sense of style. Galaxy Tab S5e features a polished metal uni-body case design in a sophisticated metal finish
    View only what you want, when you want it. With One UI, Galaxy Tab S5e minimizes display clutter by curating content that is most relevant to you
    Get more out of the content you love to watch. Galaxy Tab S5e features a vivid 10.5 inch sAMOLED display that delivers stunning colour reproduction and optimal screen brightness levels
    Featuring a Quad Speaker system sound by the AKG, Galaxy Tab S5e lets you listen to your favourite music with rich, true-to-life sound

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    Hi was wondering why you can watch Youtube in 2k but not Netflix? The regular old version of Netflix…I thought all those apps were the same?

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