Samsung One Ui 2.0 with Android 10 Official Update – top features

Samsung One Ui 2.0 is now launching aggressively around the world. One Ui 2.0 contains Android 10 and is mostly pushed to Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, as well as S10e. Note 10 and 10 Plus are also on hold to be received by January or February 2020.

In this video, we'll explore all the new features in One Ui 2.0 with Android 10.

Let's dive in.

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    Yeah got mine updated on 15 dec my S10 G973F-DS. Overall the experience is great, but some bugs need a fix e.g. the calendar widget sometimes gets pulled out randomly, and i just noticed a slight decrease in the battery life, not much but hopefully these will be optimised in 2020. In the meantime, yeah let’s enjoy this Christmas present from Samsung. Merry Christmas guys!

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    I recieved the update on my Note 10+.
    Bad points are: battery usage is not real and doesn't reflect SOT except if you are on actual applications. If you are within settings or on home screen, SOT is not counted neither the voice call duration at all. That is bad by samsung on this new update.

    Example: open device care/battery/ battery usage. Check SoT. Keep the screen on for 3 or 5 min where you are and dont let the screen go off. Go out and go back again and check SoT. No change!!

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    Hey man I recently got a screen protector for my s10+ and a couple of days ago my fingerprint stopped worked so I had to turn on face recognition, do you know what could be going on? I even updated my phone and restarted it

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    gosh thats it???? ! i was expecting my phone to transform into a kitchen sink or a can opener. or a MEGATRON so i can over rule my entire room without my mommy bugging me to clean it!!! arrrrrghhhhhhh!!!

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    Can anyone help with this, my keyboard on my s10+ is white with black letters instead of the regular keyboard. It's not a contrast setting, it just happened randomly

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    My phone just updated to android 10 and one UI 2 but I don't have the option to choose the single gesture bar it only let's me have the 3 bars?

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