Samsung One UI 2: hidden Android 10 system feature

Welcome to the home of the best guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today's video, we'll move on to a feature built into Android 10 that many don't know. Or if you are new to Android 10 on Samsung, you will not know it.

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    I don't like the new gestures at all. Does the swipe left/right to switch between apps work on the old gestures from OneUI 1.1 ?

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    You can swap up exactly the same way with the Samsung navigation bar. Don't need to switch to pixel gesture style.

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    Why does it look like the app refreshes every time you swipe from the bottom? Hope they can make it smooth like iphone for their next flagship. Looking forward to!

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    Device care was better on android 9 in my opinion. On 10 there is no way to see screen on time after phone is removed from the charger. Or is there anyway? Please help

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    If only apple could come up with something like that…(jk, since we usually mock Apple for introducing features later than android)

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    Thanks Jimmy! But that feature reminds me of using the iPhone 5 again, but without the home button. It seems like Samsung phones are turning into iPhones.
    Keep up the good work Jimmy.

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    I got one ui 2 on my s10 plus on Wednesday night in Australia and I love it. I think the fingerprint is even better again though I never had a problem with it. And I use Samsung's gestures without hints on it's so easy. But now I might have to try this one. Thanks

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    looks ok Jim , however , if I'm working and going between two apps back and forth , back and forth , i still like being able to just tap the Recent app s button twice fast and I'm instantly going from one to the other and back again very quickly.
    also if I'm in landscape mode i know exactly where my buttons are always.

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    One UI Home is looking good but needs a lot more features like nova launcher. Third party icon themes are not supported. It's not the best launcher for people who like to customize. Samsung I know you can do better and get some ideas from nova and apex launcher. They should really fix the icon support with an update ASAP.

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    Unfortunately I can't use the android 10 gestures.. I have to stick with the Samsung gestures because I use the right edge for my edge panel & my left edge with good lock gestures to control screenshots & volume.. So if I used the new gesture the back key usually get in the way

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