Guide on how to recover Rockchip 3229 Android Scishion V88 TV Box – can also be used on other rockchip 3229 boxes with similar box design and hardware.

This guide aims to allow you to recover the Rockchip 3229 V88 TV box built with brick, which has zero life, regardless of blue or red light width. This guide can also be used to explain how to upgrade Android firmware, when …


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    Tested, 12/12/2018 works perfect, now too i have android 6, the old iso have only 5, nice :!!!! so easy tutorial the most dificult part is the reset button, in my case i use to a 5v adaptor all time and too the usb. and is done, thanks for the files, the time to get all toghetter

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    I have bricked the model Scichion V88 Mars II. Fixed red light, reset button not resetting the box. It Rockchip 3229. On the internet there are several tutorials for this chipset, and a relative easy way to unbrick it by short circuit some pin on the connected NAND memory , in order to enter the mask mode flash firmware and upload the new firmware.
    However, all of them are for V88 4K that seems to use a different nand, with different pinout.
    My chip reads on it PFF58-10AL-1652 , has a SPekTek logo on it, and is mounted on the flip of the motherboard, as opposite to 4k model (as per its pictures I see around).
    I've now spent hours searching for the right pins to shortcircuit, with no luck.
    Can anyone help? Maybe the solution is simpler than I imagine! any help is greatly appreciated.
    please reply on

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    Oi me ajuda aí tenho um tanix tx2 chegou uma atualização via wifi . E ficou travando os aplicavos eu ja resetei e não adiantou não sai da tela de inicio e com tenpo do aparelho ligado a tela fica verde . Reinstalei a rom original várias e não adiantou

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    Brother, I have done all the procedures as you said in this video.. After completing the last step as you said in this video, that is device reset complete.. the loader disappear from android tool.. and i connected it to my tv through hdmi cable.. but there is no responds from my V88 box.. and it doesn't reboot .. there is a red light blink and blue light is there with low shining… Why?

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    Thanks for the video.
    I flashed v88 mars II this way but before no devices found I disconnected the box from usb otg and power adapter, now there is nothing over hdmi on screen and I tried multiple times again to flash it but I dont get connection on rkdebtool.
    What shuould I do now?

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