Setup – xDrip on Huawei Watch

The video will show you how to set up xDrip to see diabetes levels in diabetes on Huawei Android Watch. It will also show you adding it to favorites, and like most other phones it won't work with the wrapper, so I'm going to show you how to set that as well.

Classes: English

On the mobile: setup settings on the mobile 0:26
On the watch: Install Android Wear OS 1:08
P2: Scan the Bluetooth device ….


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    @the diabetic Way : for my GTR i tried enabling Amazfit Services on phone on Xdrip, but i don't know what to do on the watch… I saw some procedure with ADB for Pace /Stratos only…
    I tried with a ticwatchpro i bought yesterday, but this watch is sooo fat (+3mm compared to GTR) and soooo slow reacting, i m like in the Stone-Age !!!

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