Sim Racing Display with Simhub Data on your mobile phone or Android or IOS device. The dashboard is a great simulator for your sim device

Add DIY lights on RGB Rev
Parts for RGB
Perspex Bay
Screws on eBay
3D files
* For printing parts …


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    I loved the Video man , keep it up , I know I'm watching this pretty late in time , but I just recently got a Sim and got into Sims. If I go on Race Department I just can't find the Sim Hub download. A link would help me out a ton!

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    Can this work without Wifi ? Maybe via Bluetooth or USB ? I really hope so as i dont have Wifi but this looks totally amazing !!!

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    What sucks is having the phone on the wheel and screen rotates when turning, but putting orientation lock on keeps it vertical :/

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    Great videos! I have a question though. is there a way to plug to one board a display, leds and control buttons and then I'll use only one USB cable?

  5. EJS


    I know that this is a bit late, but how did you get that LED rev counter thing and how did you manage to set it up? I'd love to get one of them.

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    Does anyone know if I can have a LCD display conected to dash studio and at the same time my tablet to dash studio mobile, with a diferetn display? I would like to have my tire status in the tablet

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