Skateboard Party 2 Trailer – a video game now available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Available on December 20, 2013. For more details, please visit:

• App store:
Google applications:
Windows Phone Store:

Skateboard Party 2 delivers skateboarding on your mobile device, allowing you to ride in 8 completely unique locations. jump on… .


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    I got all the achievements for it on the android version, but two of them didnt showed as completed as I did them offline.

    Actually most of the achievements were done offline, but later on when I got online they appeared on the list.

    Those 2 achievements popped and everything, but it didn't appeared as completed when I got online.

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    skate party 2 requires approximately 230 mb of additional content to run. press on the download button to begin. download times may vary based on network speed and location. a wifi connection is recommended…. ???

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    thanks for supporting windows phone and windows 8.x platform, keep supporting. I love your games, I might buy this game on my Lumia 620 with my gift card.

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