Smart Boy turns your smartphone into Game Boy

Smart Boy by Hyperkin allows you to play Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advanced games using your Android or iOS smartphone. It uses emulators to run games, but it requires you to use the original Nintendo cartridge.


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    You can boy any GBC (Not Atomic Purple (And I don't like that color, before you ask)) and a light for cheaper than the Micro-USB Dev-Kit off Amazon.

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    Or you can buy an 8bitdo nes30 controller for 30 bucks that you can actually use for a lot games and not only in your phone, plus you keep the retro aspect

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    I think I'll just stick to emulation, it offers far more options and cost a lot less and I know we have a gray area when it comes to playing emulated games but personally I think if it's a game is over a decade or so old, the value is much less to the developers and I see it as being public domain, common sense and not what the law says, many of them should do what we see on the C64 and the Amiga where a lot of the developers of games made at the time give the game away for free on the developer's homepage, that to me is the right way to do it, what most of the others are doing is just pure greed.

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    My rule of thumb is not to download games I don't have, only on somewhat recent consoles. For example, When I use the Dolphin emulator, I only get games I have because I feel like it's more likely for the FBI to bust me for a Wii game, not some SNES game from 25 years ago.

  5. Pi


    Nintendo are such morons for caring about ROMs because they can't even make money from sales anyways so why do they care.

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