Smart TV vs. Android TV 2020 Android Smart TV Sony Android TV or Samsung Smart TV | TV comparison

Visit the official website for more information: This video is a view that should be dedicated to those who are not sure which TV set to buy. With this wide variety of smart TVs on the market, you have to be very careful with this investment that exceeds 5 years. This video explains what is the difference between Android TV and any other smart TV available for sale. My recommendation is Sony …


  1. Jim


    UHD 4K in comparison to Android7 ? what is suiting me more ? what is the difference? Thank you kindly for answer

  2. Reply

    Hello, Is it normal that the sony android interface seems to be really blurry as if the resolution was 720p on sony bravia oled? It is very visible at 1 meter ! Thanks a lot

  3. Reply

    Internet browser options are total rubbish …also remote mouse only works on some functions ..the keyboard will not respond to the mouse .. no problem on LG
    . Any view would be appreciated

  4. Reply

    In have sony smart and android tv experience. In my point of view if the picture quality of basic tvs are the same as the smart or android tvs than its far better to buy basic tvs and android box separately cz in case of tvs after 3-4years the company will stop supporting the tvs. like mine SONY EX720 40inch smart 3D tv lost firmware support after 4years also to be noted they removed the youtube app from the tv with their last firmware update. n avg customers wont be changing a tv in every 3-4years so better to use separate android box

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