[Solved] Screen overlay detected (Android Marshmallow, 100% functional)

This video will guide you on how to fix a very simple but annoying problem with Android Marshmallow – "Screen Overlay Detection." If you're running Android Marshmallow 6.0.1, you'll encounter this issue. Watch the video to see how you can solve this.

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    thanks alot …@sony z2
    شكرا جزيلا
    reboot in safe mode
    دوس على زرار الباور لحد ما يظهر شوية اختيارات
    دوس على power off لفتره
    لحد ما تظهر reboot in safe mode
    for Sony Z2 موبايل سوني
    reboot in safe mode works well
    i didn't know this option before >>hold on power off button >> hold on power off for 2 sec and (reboot in safe mode ) will appear

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    Disapponting…i cannot use watsapp before i try tis..it works bt wen after try this, every app got problems like tis…i cannot use any app because of this. .plz help

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