Sony Android TV Apps Fix! Fix unknown source install app and updates! Sony Bravia 4K ultra 2019

Sony Android TV Apps Fix! Unknown fix installed source app and updates! Sony Bravia 4K Ultra TV

If you have a Sony Android TV and are having trouble installing or updating apk apps.

Here's how you can fix it quickly!
1. Open the existing app or apk file that you are about to install.
2. Go to settings and uncheck the Unknown sources box
3. Check the unknown sources box
4 ….


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    Anyone have a link on how to download mobdro app to Sony Bravia tv…same one on this video… can’t find it anywhere

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    Anyone else having issues with a Google Play Protect message that pops up when attempting to install a Non Google APK? I get the pop up and it freezes, not allowing me to accept and proceed. Instead I have to hit back button and cancel download. So annoying, Help! ?

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    Thank you thank you thank you. Been bang'in my head against the wall for about four days trying to install apps. The best solutions are always the simple ones, that I don't know.

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    Hey there,
    I tried it on my sony bravia but it didn’t work, neither on Mobdro update nor on installing DroidAdmin. Is there any other way

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