Star Wars Competitions – (Android / iOS) GAMEPLAY – # 1

STAR WARS RIVALSw is an Disney Game Trailer Video HD game for Android / iOS / iPhone / iPad.

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    This game had so much potential. It felt fair and enjoyable but its run was cut before it even had a worldwide release.

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    Look weird that Darth Vader not going beast mode with his saber up close at the enemy. I registered for this game I think they removed it from playstore. Thank you for the vid

  3. Reply

    Can someone send me a link to prove that anything Disney makes thats Star Wars related (Even the spinoffs and games) are canon please? Not saying they aren't, just handy for reference haha.

  4. Reply

    Ok how the feck do you have this on android already. I'm pre-registered for it and it's not released yet. Oh sorry. Just checked and what your playing is a Beta build and not the actual game

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    I wanna let all of you know
    I am the first YouTuber who made and finished Turkish Star Wars KOTOR series
    I think i deserve some comments and applauds <3

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