Stellaris: Galaxy Command (iOS / Android) – Trailer announcement

A galaxy full of wonders in the palm of your hand!

Stellaris: Galaxy Command, online strategy game for mobile, here!

Players around the world can pre-register here:.


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    I love stellaris but at 0:18 I am thousand percent sure that's from NOVA EMPIRE I mean come on guys your game" stellaris" have their own better solar system yet you are using it from another source, it only looks more and more like a prank if anything,though hope it's real or seriously gonna be so disappointed

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    Hop on the subway and play, gaming on the go. Perfect for my on the go lifestyle. I need something to eat while on the go. A healthy breakfast? Yogurt? No, gogurt, cause I'm on the go. I'm a mover and a shaker. Gaming on the go, it's the future. Now you can play games while crossing the street, at your dads funeral, at work, on vacation. Never put the game down, not even for a single second, and spend all of your money on it, like a crippling addiction. Promised to be filled with borderline unethical monetization schemes that make you wonder if video games are even worth it anymore. You won't want to put it down, or so our team of gameplay psychologists have assured us, engineered to be addictive! It's great!

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    Paradox you guys are doing great work for gaming. I personally didn't like the new Rome game you made but making Stellaris playable on mobile is an awesome move as well as your new CKIII game.

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    I mean shit, if you make Crusader Kings 3 good with the money you will get from this then good go ahead if not…….then this will be the first step for paradox to fell..

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    At first I was like, new expansion pack with WH40k sized citadels? AMAZING. But then I looked at the iOS/Android in the title and the guy holding the phone and oooohh boy. You can't possibly count the amount of times I screamed NOOOO at the screen.

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    I don't know why this trailer is getting so much dislikes actually. They announced 1 big dlc and 1 species pack for stellaris, isn't it enough? I actually think mobile game is not a mistake, since they continuously add content to stellaris (unlike blizzard with their diablo 3)

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    After denying some permissions I got this message: "Without this permission Nova Empire is unable to extract game resource files." GREAT JOB, PARADOX.

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    People are complaining it's a mobile game but…

    It is a mobile strategy MMO, that translates into "Just a reskin of game of war" every single time… Maybe with a bit of a twist.

    Honestly considering the studios that made it recicled art from Halo 4 I won't expect anything original.

    So I'll just stay with my Warhammer 40k mods on the normal Stellaris.

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    Guys from Paradox, I love your games for a long time nos.

    – I'll buy all HOI4 DLCs
    – I'll buy all EU4 DLCs
    – same goes for Stellaris and even Imperator Rome despite its "mitigated" start.

    So, stop working on this pile of horse skunk shit of mobile games, and give us frakin' Victoria 3 wich everyone is desperately asking for.

    – deeply, a Man with money for you.

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    Why are you Guys haiting game some pople Don t have money to buy new good laptop or pc to play stellaris sow they Will play mobile

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