Stop any Android app from using mobile data

The vast majority of mobile plans out there these days do not provide unlimited data. This means that most of us have to keep tabs on how much we use each month.

Some apps thrive from a steady internet connection – even when they don't seem to be in use. Fortunately, Android provides a way to prevent any app from absorbing data in the background, and there are third-party apps out there …


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    This doesn't tell me how to stop an app from using foreground data usage. Sometimes i don't notice when my internet goes out while watching youtube, so it just continues playing the videos but using my mobile data without even notifying me.

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    If any of you guys want to completely disable apps when you are not using it(they won't use your ram, data and basically like disabling), in android 9(might be different on your android version) find developer options and set no background apps in background process limit. It will turn off all apps in background and will show you notifications when you open them. Keep in mind that doing this will also block messages from apps like whatsapp, messenger and will reach you only when you open that app. So make sure to open them time to time to check for new messages and notifications.

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    Guys go into YouTube settings, normal settings, then click on the option to only view HD video on Wifi.. I didn't find a better solution yet.

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    I just want to turn of mobile data on youtube because when i forget to turn of the mobile data after playing pokemon go then all my mobile data gets used by freaking youtube

    Edit: Litteraly just happened

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    Great video; What about Wi-Fi data? Turn on WF and turn off mobile Data. Only use Wi-Fi for updating apps. Only use mobile data in a strong signal. ( No use wasting data for poor reception.)

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    Different cellphones may have different settings.
    For Xiaomi smartphone users, follow these steps:-
    * open SETTINGS
    * open Installed apps
    * click on any app you want block internet of
    * click on Restrict Data usage

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    Some apps will use background data even if you have background data turned off.(As in they aren't even open or in use, still doing their own thing.) It's pretty annoying.

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    Unfortunately, this does not prevent the app from using your mobile data. It simply restricts background mobile data usage. My problem is that I have an app that used 2.09 GB of data in the foreground (probably large images scaled in the app.) But, it only used 0.01 GB in the background. For me, I want this app to give an error if it's not on Wifi rather than allow it to use mobile data while I'm using it in the foreground. Suggestions for that?

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    I was looking to block certain apps that was using my data, and didn't like that because I have a limited data, but that app is great. Thank you for mentioning it.

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