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    Well, I got mine for only $26 with 4gb ram and 64gb internal storage. It works as it should. Plays You Tube the whole day. It's not perfect but it gets the job done. But comparing it to a $200 nVidia Shield? No way. But a decent Android TV Box for a few ten buck notes? Yes sir!

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    you are using wrong words with wrong boxes. your info is somewhat true.

    but you will get bashed and slashed now, welcome to YouTube World.

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    Damn you're talking tosh.

    Yes, there are some really bad boxes, but there's also a lot of good ones and the Mi box you love so much is not better.

    And let's be honest, the reason people buy these is not for Netflix.

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    This is all he wants to say it is for Super users not for boobs ?. Lack of support for such devices. But he forgots to show youtube app for tv that all these devices really have…just to prove ur point. People with less experience on android box may like ur opinion but in real Android box is a great deal.

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    So the reason you don't like those boxes is because they aren't officially Google or android sponsored boxes and they use their own interface?? Ok, but are they just as good at streaming movies and live tv? Yes, they are. Do they really lag when scrolling around it interface like your video demonstrates? Well, maybe the really old cheap boxes when they have a bunch of programs opened running in the background but so do the "legit" boxes you mentioned when you actually compare them honestly. My guess is this guy either works for Android, is trying to work for Android or is just the type of person that only likes products that are popular and has a stamp of approval by a big brand name, even if it's inferior in performance.

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    I bought an android box at Wal-Mart for $75.00. Is that cheap? Hulu, Google play, Netflix and everything works! I downloaded a couple apps.

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    Quite obvious this guy does not know what he's talking about (except that he is an android TV box hater). It all depends on what you want. There are a lot of tutorials on how to use these boxes, and they are not that difficult to learn, nor do they take that long. You need to do you own research and decide which is best for you. I have five boxes and an android TV. I am happy with all of them, though I do like the boxes better. You decide.

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    Mine came with google play already installed. And with the browser, I can add any app compatible with android pie.
    No 4k netflix. But plenty of the same content on other apps, that are 4k, and the apps are better than netflix, or amazon prime.
    Also my bx has a 2ghz processor, 4gb ddr4 ram, and 128 gb hard drive. I can play al the high end android games, I have a personal PC on mine too.

    Sorry, the shield just can't touch this, if one knows what they are doing

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    Robot! There is so many Android TV optimized TV boxes!
    Mecool km9 pro under 40$ working perfectly.

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    There are Android Tv Boxes with android mobile OS, then there are Android Tv OS boxes which are 2 totally different things smh ….not everyone uses Netflix or Amazon Prime Video ….boils down to the end user which devices will work for them not everyone "needs" an Nvidia Shield and when setup properly Android tv boxes "with stock android mobile os" have their benefits

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    I have a shield and it's fantastic. Now I'm looking for a second certified box for another room. The mi box is garbage hardware-wise. Considering a Mecool KM3 for a about half the cost of another shield. It's certified too. Netflix won't work on it but I don't care about that. I want a box with fairly good hardware, Widevine Level 1, HDCP support, and must be non-rooted or at least a root switch. All I want is to play DRM channels through my HDHR Prime with Google Live Channels and maybe some games, run Kodi, etc. Options are few right now.

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    This review isn't accurate facts. Those aren't the only two certified Google boxes. I can watch 4k off of YouTube.
    Someone paid you to make this biased review, it's obvious.

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    Really you don't know what is ES ? Tou must be iPhone user, secondly quite a few of them run Android TV OS, you need to search more carefully and not be a lazy bum, about 4K, you need to know the DRM info if its L1 or not, there are a lot of channels on YouTube dedicated to this topic do a bit of research as i said before don't be a lazy…. and privacy issues? You even trying sell that BS OMG

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    I love my h96 and x92 who has time for side loading over all the tv os android has more truble then what it is invida sheild had truble with updates case in point really dont care for Netflix I hate alot of side loading google playstore should be fulls play store I hate owning dev limited and tv os over all is bad user system

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