SUPER FAST IPTV BOX with amazing EPG Guide!

BuzzTV XR4000 – Android 9.0 IPTV Receiver with IR-100 Remote Control – Faster Than Ever – 4K Ultra HD – 16GB RAM – Latest Graphics Processor – Dual Band WiFi –

BuzzTV XRS4000 – Android 9.0 IPTV Receiver Box with IR-100 Remote Control – Faster Than Ever – 4K Ultra HD – 4GB RAM 32GB – Latest GPU – Dual WiFi


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    that shiz looks tiggity yo, luv tha guide of course wich is y i still use g-pro, great vid and sweet ass device… good lookin bro??✌?

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    Saw a review, Saying something about not be able to change the MAC address. I have no idea what that is. Will the affect anything with streaming IPTV? And Would you be able to download video games? I’m a sucker for the old Nintendo games? I wanted to get the shield but looks like this is cheaper. Thanks for your video’s! We all really appreciate them!! ?

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    Geeeez that dang Speedy blowing up your phone lol. That was a great unboxing and demo video bro. Super smooth and looks very user friendly

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    Thats a nice box man you did a nice demonstration. You should of show where all the apps are. Thanks bro.

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    Great tutorial on the box itrust,, looks pretty nice!! If I didnt run the Shield I would probably get it… Hope your Thanksgiving was all good too!

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    Excellent review, definitely have me interested in trying this box. I get some buffering on my firestick some times so been looking for something to improve the viewing time.

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    This is great more for dedicated iptv box but not for Netflix etc these Chinese boxes aren't official google licensed so you get mobile version and usually don't get snoithes run or quality but as iptv box this is it nailed it with the dish cable feel

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