TCL C6 – Best HD 4K UHD LED with HDR PRO and Google Android – (TCL Line-Up 2018) Unboxing

TCL 49USC6 is the LED Budget for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Lets Unbox. It's great to play video games because of low input delay, only 8 G to G and full HDR 10bit (HDR Premium) produce superb detailed images with accurate reproduction of dark and light shadows. It handles fast motion and responds

Anycast M9 Plus / M100 Three Ways, Android Phone, iPhone Screen, Mirroring for Large TV Screen – Part

The new version of Anycast M9 Plus offers you three ways to work your Android phone, the Ipad Mirror on BIG TV Screen. Wireless display of HDMI TV screen. Watch YouTube Video, Online Video Online From TV Screen Turn your TV into a smart TV. Anycast M9 Plus is a new version of Wireless Display

Part 2 of educational notifications – Action buttons and colors – Android Studio tutorial

In part 2 of the notification tutorial, we'll add a click to the notification that will open an activity, and we'll add an action button that will run BroadcastReceiver to execute some code in the onReceive method. In both cases, we create an intention and roll it in PendingIntent, which we pass to our NotificationCompat.Builder.