Android Studio – MVVM + Firebase + RecyclerView 1/5

En esta serie de videos mostramos como usar una arquitectura mvvm con un recyclerview y datos traidos desde Firebase, ademas en los videos proximos veremos como implementationarle un efecto shimmer para la carga de estos datos. Librerias usadas CircleImageView: Glide: ViewModel + LiveData: ….

Flutter Firebase Connectivity Android + IOS | Social Instagram App Tutorial -3 | Flutter series 2019

Guys, these tutorials for Animated Social Instagram Android and IOS are created using the #Login_Signup_withFirebase database to learn and search for education, therefore, I have not downloaded the code so that you can practice to follow the video. Thanx to see any other questions you can ask in the comments. Be sure to ask for

Firebase Push Notifications How to send device to notification device in Android Part 2

Firebase Push Notification: The simplest way to send and receive device to device notification using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) INTRO: Hello guys! In this tutorial, I'll show you how to send notifications from your Android device to another device. We will use the HTTP server protocol for Firebase Cloud Messaging Legacy to send notifications and

Tinder Clone is complete with Firebase Android Studio DEMO Tutorial

In this video, I will explain to you and introduce you to the Tinder Clone Dating App using firebase in android studio. The entire app is built using firebase firestore. So tinder is an online dating app for people to meet and greet new people in their lives. It also allows for matching like or