How to fix Missed Call Notifications not showing on Android | Android tips

#AndroidTips #AndroidTricks #Trendsmaker Managing phone notification has not been easy on older Android smartphones like Jelly Bean, Kitkat and Lollipop. However, things have now changed greatly, and #Android has made badges. Notice badges on Android can help us save a lot of time. Through notifications badges, we can check app notifications without opening …

Hack Android ALL notifications (Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook etc.)

In this video, I will show you how you can easily hack all the notifications of any Android phone and you can see other phone calls via SMS which are whatsapp, instagram, facebook messages and much more including every social media account and app. Download similar to the app: Download call services (hidden app): Follow

How to fix missing Android apps | Notifications do not show a problem

#AndroidTips #AndroidApps #HowTo One of the main features of the #Androidmobile OS is application notifications. Application notifications are necessary, especially if you are involved in work or work online. Nowadays, most of our work is dependent on apps like #Gmail, #WhatsApp, Facebook etc., and missing notifications from these apps may delay your work. If you

Nominal notifications photo Nominal notifications photo Wonderful tricks 2020 that no one knows

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How to properly connect Iphones to the Ford Sync3 system and get notifications – Episode 4 of FYF

Unlike Android, an additional step is required to ensure that you "talk" with Iphone with your car. Join Connor Beavis on this week's episode of "Figuring Your Ford" as it guides you to set up your Iphone correctly with the new Ford SYNC3 system to receive notifications, texts and more. Brought to you by Lacombe