Call of Duty Mobile: Should I turn it on?

A week has passed since Call of Duty: Mobile, the new first-person shooter, launched on Android and iOS devices. Mark Medina and James Duggan sit down to discuss whether it is worth downloading, or whether they are intractable with minor transactions, and whether the in-game mechanics are on par with other Activision Call of Duty

How to turn on Multiwindow / Pop-up display in Samsung Galaxy S6 / S7 / S8 / S9 / S10 – Android 6.0 To 8.0!

Have you ever wondered why Multi-tasking / Split-screen / Multi-window / Pop-up view is not turned on? Or do you not know what's called but you saw your phone doing it before but it won't do it anymore? Or maybe you're new to newer Samsung phones? Well here's the solution! I'm sure this only works