Galaxy S9 – Pixel media and photo after updating Android Pie

Some media with pixels appear after the pie is refreshed, as if they were being re-measured by the nearest neighbor instead of bilinear / bicubic. This is easy to view with low-resolution media, so I took the first low-resolution image I could find on Twitter (the affected) and used the 160-pixel quality on Twitch to

Zhiyun weebill Lab Manual / Instructions – Updating gimbal firmware with IPhone

Zhiyun weebill Lab Firmare version V1.84 has been released! (2018/12/02) Sorry, updating via iPhone is the only way at this time; an Android user may need to wait. The latest firmware Gimbal and ZY play are essential for transmitting wireless images. The Andriod version is not released and the computer is upgraded by Zhiyun, but

Galaxy S8 Poor battery performance: Problem of battery drain quickly after updating Android

Many owners of Samsung Galaxy are asking for help with poor performance after updating. In today's troubleshooting loop, we'll respond to another common problem about # GalaxyS8 with the problem of battery drain quickly after you install the update. If you're looking for ideas on what to do in this situation, continue to continue. Full