Metasploit Termux # 2 – hacked password wifi wpa2 psk (no root and no external wireless udapter)

#hackwifi #bobolwifi #metasploit Video kali ini bukanlah tutorial, ini adalah proses peretasan password wifi menggunakan metasploit di termux android. Kinaba Tedak Saya tutorial? Karena ini terlalu ribet, disini saya tidak menyerang langsung ke AP (akses point), melainkan saya menyerang user. Saya Menggunakan 3 unit buah: 1. Android / Meterpreter / Revers_tcp 2 ….

Android Emergency Location Service: Locate emergency calls in a wireless world (Google I / O '19)

Mobile phone technology has exceeded emergency services in the United States and abroad today, more than 80% of emergency calls come from mobile phones, but locating them can be a problem. Why is Google Maps able to locate you anywhere in the world, but early responders may need to search the entire city blocks to

Wireless Pro Gaming Controller – Nintendo Switch, Android, for PC, Gryo / Rumble Rechargeable

This is a fraction of the cost of the official Nintendo Pro controls and these also work! For about $ 25, you get this great gaming board that probably resembles the best controller released by Nintendo, the Super Nintendo controller. It has the added benefit of Playstation / Xbox as the built-in joystick as well.