Team Poisons Firmware Patch Tutorial: Amlogic S905X, S905W and S912 TV Boxes

This is an accompanying video clip for the latest firmware version for Team Poison Amlogic Custom Android Firmware.

This tutorial shows you how to install patch fixes for many TV boxes, and these fixes are necessary and unique for some TV boxes.

Poison team facebook page –

Download these corrections here …


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    Any chance of the patch to fix the WIFI for the S905x everytime I flash my device the WIFI drivers don't seem to copy over.

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    Qbox s905x don't work, both of them S905x and s905x 1 gb….start with updating and then dirrectly restart from self…i have try both and don't work for me….i have QBOX S905X 2-16GB 4x cpu cortex-a53 5x gpu mali-450….

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