Ten Android games to play with your PS4 controller July 2016

Ten more Android games to play with the PS4 controller.


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    Love the review parts , so sick of videos with just trash dubstep playing while it shows screen shots or quick clips , great job bro

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    BTW you can use software like Tincore to remap buttons (AFAIK) and imitate touchscreen controls to your pad.

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    Hi, I enjoyed your video but why do you talk about using a PS4 controller instead of a clip on controller that would probably be more interesting for typical mobile users. I use a iPega 9023 for my tablet but there are smaller for phones available (from Moga for example).

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    i have dead trigger 2 2monts now at my phone it not gets boring its pretty decent game

    soulcraft is very freemium

    limbo is great but TOO short

    phantom cat is hard

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