TestProject Tutorial 4 | How to do Android Mobile Testing

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Step 1 – Create the project
Step 2 – Prepare the mobile device
Step 3 – add the application
Step 4 – Record the test
Step 5 – Add validation
Step 6 – Run the test
Step 7 – Reports
Useful Tips
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    Hello Raghav. I watch ur vids and ther r helping me a lot. Since I am having a different background I am learning software Testing for the last few months. I grasped a good knowledge of manual testing and your vids are helping a lot in Automation. But I am uncertain about the job since 90 percent of the companies prefer experienced professionals. So how can someone start his career as a fresher in this relevant field.

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    This video really teached me a lot on how to automate test cases on simple functionalities like login, send message etc.Now i can use this knowledge on real time projects.thank you so much for the video.please upload more videos as fast as possible

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