The best Android tutorial episode 5

Video tutorial on the best program for Android settings. Repeat winning setting from the best Android Settings series. This video features beautiful setup for Nova Launcher and KWGT Widget with Andromeda for KWGT Widget and Watermelon for KWGT Widget.

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Det resolve
Nova launcher:
Nova launcher ….


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    How to reduce the size of app drawer bottom size man I see the swipe up button on the very bottom how to do that

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    Yasin, nice video. I have a suggestion by the way I've came across a launcher called lawnchair the other day and it's really good. It's the same like Nova which was my favorite for a long time but I'm just throwing some ideas around. Keep it up ?

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    your channel is aesthetically pleasing! i love how you put so much effort on your thumbnails! keep it up, sir ?

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    Yasin, I was looking at the example videos on the Fiction widget pack and love the minimalist ones that are displayed. It would be brilliant if you could consider doing one of those. I love the minimalist style of those, but don't know enough about setting up the hidden apps and grouping them etc.

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    Awesomee setup!!?
    Loved this one thing that you made a video from the very start that even a beginner would understand, unlike most youtubers who just showcase the setups and not how to make it..
    I just love your videos dude❤

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