The best reading apps on iPhone and Android

Sure, you already have the Kindle app installed on your iPhone or Android, but that's just a scratch on the vast world of amazing reading apps you can choose from. Here are some of our favorites that we think you'll love, regardless of whether you're reading long novels, supernatural comics or a few of the two.

To find your local library, go here: …


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    Can’t read on my iPhone anymore because of over-sensitive links. I get unnecessarily distracted by being taken to unintended pages.

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    Misleading title. This video has great descriptions and reviews of eBook content sources, but nothing about the actual reading experience of them, and most important: Nothing about independent eBook Reading apps. I'd like to see a review and comparison of them. Displays, (fonts, font sizes, landscape vs portrait, light vs dark, bookmarking, etc.)

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    On first thought I like the concept of Libby. But then I realize that the only reason you have to return physical books to a library is because they can't be in two places at once and other people wanna read them too. But digital books can. So then the only reason to do it is to create artificial scarcity. That's the point I realize it's all kinds of bad and copying is not theft. I'd rather download illegally rather than indulge that.

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    Thank you for the great review. I have a library card and love my library. My problem is that I don't have any storage on my iPhone 5c to even download an app. I only have the apps that came on the phone and that I can't delete.

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